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How To Determine Which Christmas Light Bulb Is Out?

    How To Determine Which Christmas Light Bulb Is Out?

    Putting up Christmas lights is a common way to decorate for the holidays and make the atmosphere feel vibrant. Still, it can be annoying to find a string of lights with one broken bulb. 

    This article will show how to find and fix the broken bulb in your Christmas light displays.

    How Do You Tell Which Christmas Light Bulb Is Broken?

    A favorite holiday ornament is the string of lights that hang from the ceiling. Suppose you know how it will be easier to fix any problems with your Christmas lights. Find out how to resolve issues, from plug-in Christmas lights to fake trees already lit up. Let’s figure out how to find and fix the problems.

    1. Figure Out What’s Wrong

    Finding out what’s wrong is the first thing you must do to learn how to fix Christmas tree lights or holiday lights. Most plug-in Christmas lights stop working for these reasons, whether they are standard incandescent lights or LED lights:

    • There is no power in the line.
    • There was a switch that went out.
    • A bulb has burned out, which has caused a chain reaction of power outages.
    • The wire is no longer working.
    • Some lights need to be fixed in their sockets.
    • No power is going to a shunt because a bulb has burned out.

    2. Check Out The Circuit

    Check the main service switch first if you plug in a strand and it doesn’t work. Check to see if the circuit breaker is on and not broken. Check the plug if that doesn’t work. You can use a circuit tester or plug in a string you know works.

    3. Look At The Fuses

    A lot of traditional and LED Christmas lights come with cartridge fuses. A small room in the cord plug behind a sliding door holds these fuses. The fuse is a small cylinder-shaped piece of glass with metal-plated ends and a metal thread inside. Sometimes, you can see that a fuse has blown. If that’s the case, the metal thread inside the glass sphere will be broken.

    4. Take A Look At The Strand

    Take down all of your string lights and look for broken plugs and wires. 

    Broken parts of the Strand that don’t look like they have any wires inside them aren’t affecting the lights.

    If electrical lines are sticking out of a broken strand, you should throw it away. Keep the bulbs so you can use them to replace lamps on other Christmas light strings.

    Assuming the Strand looks good, check the sockets and lights individually.

    5. Look For Bulbs That Are Burned Out

    A lot of the time, string lights have extra bulbs. New C9 and C7 Christmas light bulbs are just two of the available power levels of Christmas light bulbs. You can also get them as clear or colored spare Christmas light bulbs. 

    Make sure that each bulb fits fully and correctly in its hole.

    When the glass around a broken filament gets dark, you know that the bulb is burned out.

    Take the Strand off the wall and replace the broken bulb with a new one that is the same size and power.

    6. Make Sure The Bulbs Work

    Test each light bulb on its own with a Christmas tree light tester. A light tester is the best and most accurate way to find broken Christmas light bulbs because they can look like they are working fine sometimes. You can check out both regular lights and LED bulbs. Replace all of the bulbs that aren’t working.

    What Do You Need To Put Up A String Of Lights?

    It won’t take long to bring those dead strings of lights back to life. All you need are a few simple tools.

    Tool to check for voltage or test Christmas lights

    Outlet for safety glasses

    New bulbs with the proper voltage rating

    How Do You Change Christmas Light Bulbs?

    It is important to have replacement incandescent or LED lights with the right color and voltage. Before taking out or changing any bulbs, unplug your lights. Put the new bulbs in carefully, then plug the lights back in. If you change the terrible bulbs in your Christmas lights but still need your help, the problem might be the wires. Now is an excellent time to think about getting new lights.

    Can I Still Use Christmas Lights If The Bulbs Are Burned Out?

    It is safe to use Christmas lights with blown bulbs as long as you leave the blown bulb in the socket. Make sure to leave a light bulb socket out in the weather. If something gets into the plug, that could start a fire. It’s also possible to get shocked by the open circuit. 

    What Are Some Safe Ways To Store And Use Christmas Lights?

    • Remember that cheap Christmas light strings will only last for a while. So be careful when you take down the lights at the end of the holiday season.
    • Plug the lights in before putting them away to ensure they still work after taking them down.
    • Then, carefully wrap the lights in the boxes they came in or boxes that look like them. Make sure the bulbs don’t hit each other. For them to keep doing well, they need to be stored correctly.
    • Also, remember that most Christmas light bulbs only last between 1,000 and 1,500 hours. In other words, the lights are made to last between one and three seasons, based on how you use them.
    • LED (light-emitting diode) lights from more recent years are different. LED lights can last ten times longer than regular lights.
    • A bulb tester is all you’ll need to fix your Christmas lights.

    Putting up beautiful Christmas lights is a beloved holiday tradition, but dealing with a broken light bulb can quickly ruin the mood. However, finding and replacing broken bulbs is possible if you have the proper method and tools. Remember to put safety first at all times. Don’t rush, be patient, and enjoy the process of making your Christmas lights look brand new again.

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