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How To Make A Wooden Cross For Outside?

    How To Make A Wooden Cross For Outside?

    The wooden cross is a powerful symbol, evoking spiritual significance and rustic charm. Making a wooden cross for outdoor display provides a timeless touch to your surroundings and allows for a deeply personal expression of faith and creativity.

    In this article, we’ll look at how to make a wooden cross suitable for outdoor use. 

    This step-by-step instruction will walk you through the process, from selecting the correct materials to the final finishing touches, whether you’re a carpentry enthusiast searching for a new project or someone who wants to infuse their outdoor space with a symbol of reverence.

    How Do You Make A Wooden Cross?

    Wooden crosses have long been used to represent Christ’s crucifixion at Easter. Create a rugged cross of rough-hewn timbers or a beautiful one painted white and draped with royal ribbons, depending on the emotions you wish to convey. Construct the cross the same way, modifying the dimensions, whether you want to construct a life-size cross for outdoors or a little one to show in a home or church. Make a platform for a vast outdoor cross or install it on a wall.

    Materials Required

    The most challenging aspect of creating a cross is having a way to cut the wood. A saw is required to accomplish this project because several cuts must be made to make a wooden cross from scratch.

    You will also require the following items:

    • 2 x 4
    • Table saw equipped with a rip fence
    • a measuring tape
    • Safety glasses marking pencil
    • The straight edge
    • Glue for wood
    • Mallet made of wood
    • Stain or paint

    Making A Wooden Cross For Outside

    1. Cut A 2 x 4 to 36 Inches In Length.

    The height of your cross may vary, but 36 inches is frequently adequate for burial markers. Remember that a portion of the length will be fashioned into a point and hammered into the ground. Thus, the finished cross will not be three feet tall.

    Measure the length using a tape measure and mark the cut with a pencil before using your table saw.

    2. Slice The 2 x 4 Into 1-And-A-Half-Inch Strips

    Set your table saw’s rip fence to 112 inches. Make three cuts down the 36-inch piece of wood’s length. Keep the two boards that are now 112 x 2 x 36, and discard the junk wood.

    3. Make A 9-Inch Segment

    Of course, use your tape measure to measure 9 inches and a pencil to mark your cut. This will be the horizontal section of your cross. Get rid of the scrap wood.

    4. Make A 1-and-a-half-inch Wide By 34-inch Deep Dado Joint.

    The dado joint should be cut through the center of the nine-inch board. This cut will allow the horizontal section of the cross to fit into the 36-inch vertical area. 

    A dado joint may be formed with a specific blade or woodworking equipment, but it can also be manufactured with a table saw. Practice on an extra piece of wood before cutting on one of your keepers. 

    5. On The 36-inch Board, Cut Out A 1-and-a-half-inch Wide And 3/4-inch Deep Dado Joint

    Cut nine inches from one end of the board in the center. This board will serve as the cross’s vertical component. 

    Don’t forget the golden rule of woodworking, that is, measure twice and cut once. 

    6. Join The Two Pieces Of Wood At The Joints 

    They should fit together snugly. It may be necessary to insert a scrap piece of wood at the junction of the two pieces and gently hammer it with a wooden mallet to press the pieces into place.

    7. Use Wood Glue And A Screw 

    Once you’ve determined that the two pieces of wood will fit together to make a cross, separate them and apply wood glue to the meeting. For added security, you may want to put a screw into the back of the corner.

    If you choose to do this, ensure that the screw is the correct length so that it does not poke through the opposite side. 

    8. Draw A 2-and-a-half-inch Diagonal Line From The Bottom Of The Cross’s Center 

    You will need to position the cross at the end to make entering the ground simpler. You must earn two extra points at the bottom of the cross to make this point. The 2-and-a-half diagonal lines should be measured from the bottom center.

    9. Stain Or Paint The Cross

    Once built, your cross is ready to be painted or stained. Also, apply a layer of polyurethane to protect the wood from the outdoors. 

    How Should A Wooden Cross Be Weatherproofed?

    To strengthen its weather resilience:

    1. Use an exterior stain or paint.
    2. Paint the wood cross with a medium brush with a light wood stain or white opaque outdoor paint.
    3. Allow to air dry.

    Is It Possible To Make Wood Waterproof By Staining It?

    Outdoor wood paints are water repellent, so they waterproof the wood, protecting it from water and, as a result, mold. The main issue is that it is only temporary protection. Water readily finds a little crack to enter the wood as the stain fades away.

    What Should Be Applied To Wood To Make It Last Outside?

    Apply a coat of polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer to preserve the wood from penetrating humidity and moisture that can seep into your deck and other outdoor wood furnishings. 

    Finish and waterproof wood using a professional-grade stain and sealant combination, then repaint as needed.

    Making a wooden cross for outdoor display is a meaningful endeavour that blends skill and symbolism. This method can honour particular beliefs, pay tribute to a loved one, or add a spiritual or decorative touch to an outdoor place. The techniques provided a solid framework, but the beauty comes in the personal touches and thoughts poured into the creation, whether for religious devotion, as a memorial, or as a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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